Pune (India) hosts countrys most dence engineering population in large
 number of engineering colleges... and each of the instituation usually helds
 a technical fest each year in jan-march months which lasts for around 3-6
 days... ( http://www.bharatiyam.net/ will give you an idea i made this
 website ) there are around 15 major events covering thousands of

 now what i propose is to organise a linux confrence/fest during this time
 with events like
 1. coding (c/perl/...)
 2. artwork/look&feel (best customised desktop)
 3. oss-made-desktop (best collections of oss packages to make pass general
 usability tests)
 4. seminars on various oss topics
 5. helpdesks

 and likewise now the output of these events will provide informations like
 how people want and manages their linux desktops... the coding events will
 make familar the power tools and thus encourage people to use them...

 (all the events using latest Fedora Core version avalible on the date)

 the events promises large contributions from students ... prizes in form of
 various things like freebies and cash can be provided ....

 looking forward to your reply..