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Em 21/08/2013 05:58, "Zoltan Hoppar" <hopparz@gmail.com> escreveu:
Makes easier for every mentor this step. So +1.


2013/8/21 Paul Mellors <prjmellors@gmail.com>:
> I like that idea too Scott....
> On 21 August 2013 07:49, Scott Williams <vwfoxguru@gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 07/09/2013 05:37 AM, Robert Mayr wrote:
>>> 2013/7/9 Christoph Wickert <christoph.wickert@gmail.com>:
>>> [snip]
>>>> Am Dienstag, den 09.07.2013, 11:02 +0200 schrieb Joerg Simon:
>>>>> crossposted also to the famsco list as a heads up
>>>>> i want to put the current Ambassador mentoring and membership process
>>>>> up
>>>>> to dicussion - if i see the solid base of mentors we have today, we
>>>>> should consider to give the mentors sponsorship rights.
>>> [snip]
>>>>> With the current process the *last step* of a mentor is, that he gives
>>>>> his *thumbs up in the tickets system* . After that, the FAmA sponsors
>>>>> the candidate in FAS and closes the ticket. I think we should give the
>>>>> Mentors who are doing the hard mentoring work, the recognition to
>>>>> sponsor their own candidates.
>>>> I totally agree, there are a lot of good reasons. Let me summarize and
>>>> add a few new ones:
>>>>        * We should share the workload.
>>>>        * We should not have a single point of failure.
>>>>        * The mentors do all the work of the sponsoring process, in
>>>> return
>>>>          they should be rewarded with more recognition and
>>>>          responsibility.
>>>>        * Sponsoring somebody and closing his ticket is just a few
>>>> clicks.
>>>>          No big deal for a mentor, but it can become a lot of work for a
>>>>          single person.
>>>>        * As the mentors are filing the tickets, they should also close
>>>>          them.
>>>>        * The process would be consistent with all the other groups where
>>>>          sponsors == mentors.
>>>> Kind regards,
>>>> Christoph
>>>> [1] https://fedorahosted.org/fama/
>>> I agree with all the points Christoph said and indeed it's a question
>>> new candidates sometimes ask: why, when candidates finish mentoring
>>> with a "thumbs up", they aren't sponsored immediately?
>>>  From the 1st of June we also changed a lot of the mentoring process,
>>> giving more responsibility to the single mentor and letting him
>>> administrate the ticket process from the creation to the "thumbs up"
>>> state. Sponsoring his candidate definitely, after having spent often a
>>> lot of time with the new ambassador, would be grateful for the mentor
>>> on one side, and would be the logical end of the mentoring process for
>>> the candidate on the other side.
>>> Therefore I would totally agree with Jörg's proposal.
>>> Greetings.
>> As a mentor, just thought I'd give my $.02 and say that being able to
>> sponsor in Trac would be a helpful bonus.  That way we can tell the mentee
>> that they're in when they're ready instead of explaining the last bit of red
>> tape, which less face it, has been largely ceremonial.
>> Scott
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