ive just given games as an example.. anyway.. everyone looks for something better..just like we quit windoz for better open source.. i dont quite copy which children you talk of that are not interested in games..Do they know what games even exist ?? but thats not quite the point.. im saying that fedora should be taught to them to be used in every possible way.. using handycams, webcams etc.. everything.. a lot of people switch distributions just because another one provides better support for something they need often.. And not everyone believes in looking around the net mercilessly and waiting patiently at forums when it is much easier to use another distro.. i see it all the time at college.. a lot of my colleagues prefer Ubuntu.. because it is easier..???


you can stop talking about wine now.. its not the main objective here..neither is it to addict children to fedora.. 


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actually i myself study in class VII. I want to target children II onwards as they are easy to addict and spread fedora. They also do not like games about which you are talking. Giving them tuxpaint with stamps and desklets is enough along some small flash like mario type games
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