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This is edited from the note I sent to the booth team for LinuxFest NorthWest.  

I would like Marketing and Ambassadors to see what we are doing to make the interaction with guests a memorable experience.  By focusing on a spin, a subject, we can engage at a deeper level, and using an activity we give the guest an experience.  I wonder what a fest visitor on Monday tells a friend.  Their memorable experience was probably an excellent talk or the salmon lunch or rolling dice to make a passphrase.

The theme is ‘The Mechanics of Freedom’ so we will feature the Fedora Security Lab spin (FSL).  One thing I have learned about the spins is someone has a passionate reason for them.  These three videos tell the story of FSL and Hacker Highschool with Joerg’s what it is, Pete’s why, and then how it was used to protect people in Tibet.

Joerg Simon presents the Security Lab spin, shows a few examples and talks about OSSTMM, the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual.

The slides for his talk are here if you want to follow along.
Jeorg Simon is a Fedora contributor and works at ISECOM the sponsor of OSSTMM.  
They also developed a 3 volume Security Essentials Study Guide and Workbook used by ‘Hacker Highschool’.  I will have copies of these books on the table, the labs are based on the OSSTMM and can run on the Security Lab spin.  Let me know if you want to borrow one of the books to check out some of the labs.
The author of the books and the head of ISECOM is Pete Herzog who gives a great talk about security.  His concepts are clear and compelling and easy to communicate to the public.

ISECOM also publishes The Open Source Cybersecurity Playbook that covers threats and protection for every computer user.  You should read the 25 pages to discuss security with guests.
This FudCon talk about Fedora in Tibet was recommended by Joerg.  Fedora is used because of the localization capabilities, the reduced attack surface and the open-source relationship to Buddhism.  At 22:00 to 33:30 he talks about Hacker Highschool used to protect them from Chinese hackers.  The remainder of the talk is about other interesting Tibetan projects.
I cued this up because the beginning is a discussion about Tibet while waiting to start.

I hope you can spend some time watching the videos.

For an activity guests will create a pass phrase with dice.  We are getting custom engraved dice to give to guests who sign in at the kiosk, make a pass phrase, engage us in Fedora or ask (limit one).  We should have 300 to give away.  This is a test sample:

Could you look through the proposed sessions and identify Fedora related speakers and talks so we can promote them?

Please register even if you might not go and let me know your ID so I can get you the vendors badge.

See you all May 6-7:

Jeff Sandys

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