Ok, let's see.

There was no "snide" comment about the FAD you guys planned in São Paulo, mostly because that wasn't the focus either of the meeting or the topic. We were discussing the concept of a FAD, that was shown to be unclear among the majority of the presents.

At no moment the quality of the event was discussed. We had a Release Party in Natal with no more than 10 people and it was AWESOME. I bet with 15 it was even better. Fedora people together are always fun.

By the way, this subject and your name was brought up [by skytux] cause Germán believed you could be of some help to better write the wikipage about FAD. If you want to help, you're welcome. But if you want to complain and not help, it's your option.

PS: It's nice to know that you spent some money with Fedora. You're now part of the huge amount of people who has done that. Don't feel special for that. Freemedia people are doing a great voluntary work and that is one of the reasons I'm big fan of them.

PS2: Whenever I see/hear/listen to "Get a life" I remember of this website definition.