Hello Everyone,

Great to read about the Fedora Classrooms!!! :)

> I am glad to see efforts to do classroom sessions.

I concur 1,000% There is great knowledge to be shared amongst us in order for us to be empowered.  ;)

> Given the 24 time zones we have on the planet, perhaps I can suggest that sessions like these be repeated once to handle timezones. My suggestion would be for the principal presenter to present his/her stuff during that person's waking hours and schedule another to handle those whose waking hours are oppositie.

So true indeed.  An awake presenter who is clear and concise to provide his classroom lecture is a smashing foundation indeed.  ;)

> I think it is wonderful that people step up and run classrooms, and as recipients of these sharing, we should be appreciative of the effort and let the presenter do it in their time zones.

I really look forward to these classrooms and sending more Fedora positive energy to the people stepping up to run the classrooms!  :v)

Absolutely, your ideas are very well understood and help provide us guidance.  :)

Please have a Great Fedora day! :~)

Thank You
- David -
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