as far as i know wine cant handle CS, i may be wrong this could have changed with the latest wine version, but i had to use cedega, which isnt free.

2008/6/19 ankur sinha <>:


maybe RoboCode would be a good addition?? and even SCOURGE??  for eye candy we can always use DOOM3 etc.. plus itll be nice to tell them that WINE can handle almost all windows games..favourites such as CounterStrike and such ??


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Subject: Re: [Ambassadors] Re: Student partnership program. Extending fedora mentor program to students.
Date: Thursday, 19 June, 2008, 3:01 PM

Arnav Kalra wrote:
The ideas are good. We can also have a new SIG for this. First start with school children, give them a live spin with some games , painting and educational stuff

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i think if someone is working on such a live spin they need to be really careful since such a live spin will have to leave a good first impression, lets be frank , bundled Linux games aren't really addictive or even as good as what Windows games may be, if we are targeting school students, I assume you are talking about student like in class X or above, then the spin needs to bundle with it some nice programming tools, as well as some really good FPS games, like AA or something like it, lets leave a good first impression, instead of leaving them with something like Knetwalk, which is a nice game, but I doubt an average school kid would like it right away.
Also KDE 4.x or Gnome? for a first introduction i think KDE 4.x would be nice, I personally prefer Gnome, but KDE 4.x has a lot more eyecandy to it.


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