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Sudheer Satyanarayana wrote:

>> APAC ? Hello there...you are around 80 ambassadors and nothing to
>> discuss?  One volunteer from APAC and the annoying messages from me
>> about the meeting leader will stop immediately ;-)
> I too am surprised that there is no volunteer from APAC. I was hoping to
> see someone more active than me to take the lead. I will watch the list
> carefully for couple of days more. If nobody turns up, I will volunteer
> myself to lead monthly meetings.

The leader for APAC is still missing.  I hope that you will take the
opportunity to lead the monthly ambassador meetings in your area.

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         I am newbie ambassador from Pakistan. I don't know about the whole stuff but can offer my services as co-coordinator for APAC meetings. I am wondering is it such a difficult work that no one is coming forward? or the respected ambassadors didn't have sufficient time. Well, what is to do now?

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