What is our role as ambassadors?
I think that is promoting the Fedora in our country, am i wrong?
So I became ambassador to promote Fedora in Portugal.
But I believe there are ambassadors who don't think this way, at least in Portugal.
As already announced in this list, it will start soon the site for the project Fedora Portugal.
The other 5 Portuguese ambassadors were invited on several occasions to participate in the website.

More than a month passed and still not got an answer.
The point is this: I live in Luxembourg and I am alone in this adventure, should I start the project without any support?

The only support I have had, has been the Brazilian ambassadors as Eunir Augusto (which made most of the work!), Erick Gomes and Rodrigo Padula.
In Portugal Fedora is unknown, has a bad translation, has no wiki and just does not have a community.
So we urgently need a web site with a forum and a wiki.
We need to bring together the users, and encouraging more people to translate the Fedora.
With the help of Brazilian ambassadors, the site could start operating next month.
The question is: who will be there?
That is why I ask your opinion:
it is worth starting the site even alone, without the support of another 5 Portuguese ambassadors?

Sílvio Reis