Hi Tuan,

This is to inform you that, I was not responsible for accommodation issue of Prima Yogi and Sirko.

01. We had a deadline for accommodation booking on 23rd of November 2015.
But Prima's traveling was not confirmed at the time we booked accommodation.

02. As Izhar is the one who holding the credit card, he agreed to book accommodation for those who confimed with their travel.

03. Some how Izhar could not manage the booking due to authorization issue.

see the irc chat in #fedora-fad

<KageSenshi> processing
<hanthana> thanks
<KageSenshi> ugh .. "unable to authorize payment"
<hanthana> eh
<KageSenshi> that includes paypal
* harish has quit (Quit: Leaving)
<hanthana> credit cards should work
<KageSenshi> hanthana, i've been facing trouble to do online transaction using the card
<KageSenshi> it seems like having some region lock of some sort
<hanthana> KageSenshi, do the accept pay pal?
<KageSenshi> hanthana, i tried paypal just now, rejected
<KageSenshi> both card and paypal rejected
<hanthana> KageSenshi, I can book but not interested in waiting so long to settle accounts :)
<KageSenshi> hanthana, book and immediately reimburse lor
<hanthana> haha
<hanthana> sure I can

04. I did updated the wiki for all the people those who got accommodation booked by myself [1]

05. I sent one last mail (with a link to the ticket I have opned [2]) before I was flying back to Sri Lanka and I clearly mentioned only 7 people had the accommodation.

06. On 24th November 2015, you have initiated a mail with the subject of "Tickets for Yogi and Izhar", where you can see there was no such confirmaton.

07. I wonder why Prima did not check his accommodation status in the wiki [1] before start flying. May be he so, exited to only travel but not other things. :)

08. As we did the booking over AirBnB, I could not book accommodation for someone not confimed his travel. But you (Tuan as one of organizer), Prima himself could book his accommodation directly though the AirBnB on same hostel.

09. It was not nice to use Sirko's booking for Prima instead of booking accommodation for Prima. What if that hostel houseful at the time last person rich?

So, please do not try to pass the ball on to myside.
Moreover, you suggest to invite David and we stuck with his slow response.

I would like to remind you that under what policy you make invite David? Because he was not active last few years but you were not happy with Kalpa (from Sri Lanka).

As the FAMSCO representative for APAC you should have equal interest on all counties.   You must understand that you are here to help and take care of all the Ambassador in our regional issues but not just entertain your friends.

As you are one of the candidate for current election, I wonder how you gonna make APAC contribution, communication and culture better than before.