Hello fellas,

I've been collecting information from different threads and pagure's issues regarding the ambassadors on fedora.

Doing that, it looks like there isn't a clear definition among people. Even when there is a document/wiki page [1][2].

I'm writing you this to ask you:

1. What is a Fedora Ambassador?
2. What does a Fedora Ambassador do?

Please, just answer the 2 questions. There is no need to start a discussion, no need to reply anyone email, no need to name people. 2 simple questions.

Hopefully we can have a lot of responses without fights or arguments between us. 

My answers are:
1. A Fedora Ambassador is someone that knows deeply how Fedora Linux is done, the WG, the SIG, the mission, the objectives, the main governance, the CoC, and knowing this is able to interact locally with different players to achieve Fedora presence in relevant events, talks and conversations to raise Fedora relevance.
2. A brief list for me is:
- Attend events, as organizer or speaker or in a booth, any way that allow attendees to know that Fedora is there.
- Is aware of the tech world around his area.
- Helps people to get its way inside the Fedora Project.

I hope we can keep this away of any toxic discussion.