Hi, all --

Of particular interest to North American folks: Over the past couple of weeks Joseph Smidt and I have discussed an event to be held at the University of California Irvine in the spring. Originally, I was going to give a mere presentation at UCI, but after lengthy discussions, it has grown into something larger.

What Joseph has come up with is Linux UC Irvine -- LUCI -- an event which will take place in April of this year.

LUCI serves as an introduction of Linux to the students and faculty of the university, as well as serving as a basis for starting a Linux Users Group on campus and, as a long-range goal, holding twice-a-year Linux festivals every year on campus.

While the format for this inaugural event needs to be hashed out -- I'm imagining a presentation along with demonstrations of Fedora would be a main ingredient of the event -- and other logistical facets need to be addressed, I wanted to make everyone aware of this event and ask anyone in the Southern California area (as well as anyone else who might be interested) who wants to participate to contact either Joseph or me.

The wiki for this event is at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/LUCI

Thanks, Joseph, for carrying the ball on this project and I'm hoping others will join up.

This project, of course, is in the planning stages, and Joseph and I can answer any questions (and, Joseph, if I missed anything, feel free to jump in here).

Larry Cafiero