About purchasing of t-shirt. I live in Russia...and as for me - the best way to have such a t-shirt - is to make it by myself. That's why one of the good variants is to publish anniversary-t-shirt design with free access to download


2008/10/31 Kam <kam@kamsalisbury.com>

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From:  "David Nalley" <david@gnsa.us>
Subj:  [Ambassadors] NA Release Party Owners: F10 t-shirt proposal
Date:  Thu Oct 30, 2008 5:09 pm
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Clint and I were discussing some of the upcoming release issues and he
came up with the idea of having an F10 release shirt available.

So I am announcing the proposal and 1) trying to gauge interest in the
proposal. and 2) Solicit input for the proposal.

Clint, in conjunction with at least one member of the art team will be
working on the artwork.

Feel free to continue this thread with ideas or just flood Clint on irc :)

So are you interested in having t-shirts for release events?
If so, how would you have them look?

Brian and I just started emailing about this (I am rarely on irc due to sleep and firewalls)

Maybe something generic is the way to go so the shirts can still be relevant after the release month?

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