When I wrote the original mail I had a little bit different picture in my mind, since I want to create something for 'not so newbies' also. Something closer to the idea of Talking points [1]

As I understand Robyn suggested to create a certain workflow which will give as relevant and up-to-date information about Fedora Features. And I think it could be nice to add the step of creating flyers into this workflow.

I have created the ticket for the template desing at Fedora Design tracker [2]. Feel free to comment there.

[1] http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/marketing/2013-March/014903.html
[2] https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/272

2013/5/29 María Leandro <tatica@fedoraproject.org>
Hello all!

I think the QR idea is great, specially if we want to direct people into contribute or know more about a specific topic (ex, the design flyer QR should link to the Design team wiki page, and stuff like that...)

Now, about answering the question "what's Fedora and what's Linux?" in a single flyer I see that at the end, there will be too much content and we might need a 2x2mts flyer. then let me offer you guys an option... What about a video that explains the difference and where users can identify themselves (which will also reduce the time that you spend explaining each one and will let you reach a bigger audience) and then, deliver the specific(s) flyer(s) that can make this person get really interested in Fedora?

Now; if we want to get even more crazy... what if we develop a simple website/web-app that let users select their profile and their personal data? 

Profile such as: student or professional, designer or coder... if designer? photographer, music or all? ... and go on
Personal such as: NA, LATAM, APAC or EMEA? Housewives or Police? if Housewife, how many Pc's are at your house? are yours? tablet? etc...

At the end, probably in 6 months of release parties and other events, we could not only be able to identify what audience do we reach the most (or which users are more interested), but also a demographic about the situation and how does our users make use of the tools that we are offering. This might sound crazy, but I guess that at almost each community there is someone with a Tablet that can be used as "our touch device for users help" (touch please... no click click :D )

Anyway, some random ideas :)

2013/5/29 Alexandre Moine <nobrakal@fedoraproject.org>

When you say:

For me, the most asked question is "What is Fedora" and when you
explain, the answer/conclusion normally is "Aha, it is a linux"
No, for me, the answer is "What is Linux ?"

I think most people don't know Linux.
Very very little lambda people know it. It's, in my opinion, the most problem we have. After, as stated Jukka, if they know linux, they don't know the differencies between the distribution.

I think we should say why Fedora it's different between Windows (and Apple), and after why Fedora it's different between the other distribution.

Jukka say a very great idea:
People just do not understand that they are already using linux in some
form every day and many times.
It's really true!

Alexandre, Fedora user

Le 29/05/2013 16:26, Jukka Palander a écrit :
Sebastian's idea sounds good.

For me, the most asked question is "What is Fedora" and when you
explain, the answer/conclusion normally is "Aha, it is a linux".

There we have a problem!

People do not understand that there are multiple linux-based (desktop)
distributions available. For a "common-normal" people it is just a linux
and because "no-one uses linux, I cannot use it".
People just do not understand that they are already using linux in some
form every day and many times.
->most of the websites, many mobile phones and tablets, most of the
supercomputers, most of the embedded systems and much more run linux in
some form without user have noticed at all.

Therefore should we say to the people what "LINUX" is all about and
promote it bit more than just being "Fedora" and not saying the word

I do not mean we should start promoting some other distributions, but to
make clear what linux is _all_about_ and what it is capable of
doing. ...and therefore "why you should not try Fedora on your desktop
because it is so good"...



Maria Gracia Leandro
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