Hi all
Its nice to being receive your support & am quite excited on conducting a seminar in 2 weeks time ('cuz i m lovin' it).

I've started posting on my college techology Clubs & likely to start Linux User Group & started to invite  DVDs  to copy & providing resources(which i"ve available to me yet).
Could you please provide me DVDs of  Fedora 10  or Fedora 9  ,whichever possible.

Since I've installation CDs of Fedora 9 with me but I am looking for DVDs so that they need not to install extra packages( helping them to quickly adopt Fedora).

I'll provide you the details of distribution ,if you would like to have.
If possible please provide me the resources available so that I can learn & share it & the saga continues.
Could anybody please provide details regarding Linux user group as we've no existent such group?
Looking for help!!!
Thanking You,

Ayush Maheshwari
Address--1093,Basant Vihar,Kota-34009(Raj.)
Contact No.-+919887852861
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