@Chitlesh: We can also try te get some Fedora-related books* in the libraries. I'm living in a small town with a very small library, but I think it is possible to request books at bigger libraries.

If I didn't have a book about Linux when I began with it, I probably wouldn't have survived my first Linux-experience :-)

And what does a 'Project Leader' have to do?

- Thijs

* http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Books/FedoraBooks

On 1/14/06, Robert Whetsel <rwhetsel@ravensong.com> wrote:

spot on!

Quoting Chitlesh GOORAH <chitlesh@gmail.com>:

> Hello everyone,
> I think im going to write a lot lol.
> Ok an Ubuntu marketing agent told me about their idea of having Ubuntu
> in Libraries.
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuInLibraries
> No, its not about installing Ubuntu in the computers but to lend Open
> source cds to their subscribed users. Actually they copied it from
> Openoffice.
> Personally its a wonderful idea because having CDS in libraries will
> affect the complete newbies mind set of fear towards linux.
> Considering the fact that librairies is a body of trust.
> This is mostly an activity done by the lug. Of course if we
> ambassadors provide enough materials/translation to.
> Im eager to do it right away in Strasbourg. But comparing to another
> distros like ubuntu,suse,etc they already have enough materials in
> their pocket. Example, live cds. I prefer to wait for Fedora to catch
> up with materials.
> Let's take for example, Fedora. If a lug happens to realise this
> project. Among other distros we will only have handouts and Fedora
> DVDs. Meanwhile students or anyone will prefer to give a try to live
> cds, leaving Fedora behind. Saying that this particular live distro is
> based on Fedora isn't enough for the complete newbies. It would rather
> be useless. If someone tried the "official" fedora LIVE cd if he/she
> likes it he/she can easily get the install DVD for free for their
> local lug or lug ambassador or from the library directly.
> Some testimonials:
> http://slashdot.org/articles/03/12/15/193231.shtml?tid=146&tid=149&tid=99
> Since in the last 3 meetings (see
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Schedule ) we didn't really
> progress in Emails, funds, Schwag because we are waiting for
> additional info. I suggest we talk and plan about this idea. I know
> ambassadors from India or Brazil will have alot to say :))
> I know we (majority)ambassadors we only popped in during meetings
> hours, talk and talk. This sounds like acting. Its time to move A55 :)
> for REAL action.
> Chitlesh GOORAH
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