Hi Alejandro,

I talked to FranciscoD (Ankur) who is in charge of the infrastructure for Ask Fedora.
He sent me two links[0,1]. I hope it helps!

PS: I want to help with Ask Fedora for ptBR. Let me know if we're really going to make it multilingual.

0 - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/3818
1 -  https://github.com/ASKBOT/askbot-devel

Best regards,

2013/9/3 Alejandro Pérez <aeperezt@hotmail.com>


I like to know if its posible to have a ask.fedoraproject.org/es Spanish
site of Ask fedora we ask before and understand there was some work done
to allow localization on Ask, any one knows the status of this?

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