I am Prabin Kumar Datta.
Currently working of fedora Projects:
  1. Art
  2. design-team
  3. freemedia
  4. india
  5. websites
Now, I am thinking to work more and increase my participation work.

I have requested for fedora Ambassador
and I have a kind request from you, which is to be my mentor.

purpose for joining:
I have great ease to do something for fedora OS and make it best of all.
I have completed my RHCE tranning from webel(redhat certified tranning center).
With in few days I am going to give RHCE exam(examination fee paid),
then going to start for RHCSS from Oct month.
other: CCNA, DB2 Associate, Infosys (Aspiration zonal winner) , SAP certified(.Net),
WEBEL certified(Php), HCL certified (Advance JAVA), Complete training on Detail Study of MotherBoad and Networking (use to do pc repairment work from last 3years).
Due to this, I think I can help more and at the same time I can remain in touch with linux and do my study work for RHCE and RHCSS.

Also, I believe I can work 10hours each week on fedora development work.

As, I am a B.Tech in IT, and also doing RHCE and completed CCNA. I am in contact with many people who are developers also like to do participation work but till now can't due to lack of proper information (dont know how to participate). I want to create a group with all of them + few other existing members those who like to do work with me.
In a group, I think 'I' and 'my group' can do more participation work then alone.
* I dont mean to say a group which will work separately but a group which will work with other members only difference, connected directly(with in local area) and share knowledge
Also, all of my group member and I shall be working separately.

I hope you will be kind enough to grant my request.
Thank You.

Have A Nice Day.
by webmaster