Hey Robert,

On March 15, 2016 at 9:07 AM Robert Mayr <robyduck@fedoraproject.org> wrote:

Giannis I think you are pointing fingers where there is no need.

I have never pointed fingers at anyone. I'm not judging anyone here.

Robert clarified pretty well during the meeting,  and also in his nice answer here, what he meant and it is nothing you are trying to understand.

I do not agree with these kind of views regarding the communities, simple as that. I have already explained myself in previous replies to this thread.

Treating a long term contributor who always has been more than correct like you did now is not what I call friends.

Excuse me, but more than correct based on what? On his arguments regarding the Greek community, which were totally invalid?

Also, I think you're confusing not being nice to someone vs. publicly expressing a disagreement. Here is definitely the second case. I don't mind who did that or whatever, I respect Robert as I would respect any other contributor in this community. I just don't agree with him. Right now there is a community of people out there that feels demotivated and not included. All I care about is identifying this unfortunate issue and making sure it does not happen again in the future. And subsequently to keep providing all means of support to that community so that they can keep growing.

Take care!

Giannis Konstantinidis

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