The APAC Ambassador allocated on FAD in Phnom Penh back in November also an sum for something similar for their region and as you are an dilligent APAC Ambassador, you did read the logfiles ;)

The allocated sum is the same as EMEA has


see August "Flock" 2000$

br gnokii

2015-05-29 11:04 GMT+02:00 Amita Sharma <amsharma@redhat.com>:

On 05/29/2015 01:27 PM, P J P wrote:
On Friday, 29 May 2015 12:46 PM, Aditya Patawari wrote:
However, since Flock is the is the premier Fedora event for North
America and Europe/Middle East/Africa, APAC and LATAM will not be
getting any travel subsidy.
Is it possible to support, even if only partial amount, for the
speakers traveling to Flock by our regional budget? EMEA did limited
funding last year[2] for some contributors who could not get funding
from Flock budget.

True +1. This'll be a great help.

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