I'd like to clarify some things for SCaLE, which is in three weeks from now.

It looks like Fedora Ambassadors are planning to represent Fedora at SCaLE based on:

However, funding and event materials are still TBD:

Further, Alex Acosta is listed, but requires funding for a flight, so at what point will it be too late to accommodate his travel?

Lastly, there is some confusion in that it seems juggler was the initial owner and it changed to paradoxguitarist at some point, but
https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/82 hasn't been touched in about a month.

Would it be helpful to have an IRC meeting this evening so we can get all parties in communication - juggler, paradoxguitarist, myself, aacosta/douglax, nb, herlo, and bex?  5pm Pacific/8pm eastern?