I've just come back from the Linux Tag and there are some ideas I want to share. As I am new to this list and to the whole Fedora Events thing, I am not sure if you've discussed them already, so feel free to direct me to some old threads.

It seems for me that the swag we had in a booth is targeted more to the Fedora users then to outsiders.

I mean buttons and stickers are cool, but they have no content, no information, only Fedora logo. They create the point of attraction, give you the reason to come closer, but they are not the conversation starters, since they don't give you the reason to ask something.

Thus, maybe we can get some printed material as well? And not the general stuff like Fedora is about Freedom, but more specific.

For example:

* current Fedora Features list - this might be Release Notes, or (and I think it's better) - some Accepted Features list for the next release with very short explanation. Several people asked me what's new in F19. And it would be great to have a list and to point in some features and discuss them with more details.

* checklist on how to become "Fedora <smth>"

Starting from very simple "Fedora User checklist"
          - get it   (link)
          - boot it (link)
          - run it   (link)

 to "Fedora Packager checklist" and "Fedora Translator checklist" and so on. There shouldn't be detailed instructions, since the full info is on wiki pages. But short overview of the process, so people would get the general idea, and become interested.

* cheat cubes [1]

3d-printed cubes are the coolest :) but cheat cubes are also funny.  And I would add QR-code with the link on the source PDF-file to it. Thus you can build your cube, then go home, download the source file and build more.

The main idea is to make these things short and catchy, as you don't need the whole booklet full of buzzwords, which no one ever reads. It could be something halfpage or quarter page size, but should make you wonder and ask, what it is all about.

[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_collateral#Fedora_Cheat_Cubes

Aleksandra Fedorova
aka bookwar