Dear all,

Yes Tuan,due date will be tomorrow but still there are Board-1 seat ,FESCo (Engineering)-1 seat and FAmSCo (Ambassadors)-1 seat left.

it will be always good if there are more nominations and election competition :)

Best Regards,
Fedora Ambassador -Srilanka


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Dear my fellow ambassadors,

> As quick reminder, the nomination period for this election cycle will
> open on 25 October 2011, and will close promptly on 5 November 2011
> at 23:59:59 UTC.  The full elections schedule, along with more
> details about the elections, can be found at

The deadline is coming. However, there are only 8 nominations for
FAmSCo [1] up to now.

I believe we have a lot of people those got enough experience as well
as always want to contribute more and more to Fedora.
So, why don't you nominate for FAmSCo now.


Kind regards,