2010/8/21 Fabian Kanngie├čer <fabian.kanngiesser@yahoo.de>
I think we (the fedora community and ambassadors) cant make rpmfusion disks. From what I know this would violate our general guidelines on free software and as we cant provide it with our downloads we could not provide it with our media. The idea itself sounds great, it would be cool to drag more attention to the fedora project by vendors selling our DVDs.

With kind regards,
Fabian "underscores" Kanngiesser :)

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i thought we were talking about commercially selling discs that contains fedora stuff.
i can say that most of fedora users use rpmfusion (including admins of fedora), this fact doesn't make rpmfusion compatible with fedora project fundamentals. however, selling a disc that contains the rpmfusion repo doesn't violate any rule.

Mahmoud Abdul Jawad