help you with pleasure :) here from NIcaragua , for FAD :)

2013/9/14 Ankur Sinha <>
On Sun, 2013-09-15 at 00:29 +0800, Magie Antonio wrote:
> Hi David,


> The local Fedora ambassadors in the Philippines have already started
> sharing ideas and proposals for the upcoming FAD APAC 2013.

That's great to hear! :D

Could you keep this wiki page up to date with whatever information
possible please?

> Based on what I've gathered, these are the premises to be considered:
> 1. This will be the first FAD in APAC wherein FAMs will be arriving
> from different countries.
> 2. Approximately, we need to budget board and lodging as well as
> travel expense for around 20 participants.

Could you just build up an approximate budget so get an idea of what
amount of money we're looking at?

> 3. We need to allot 3 days for this event which is preferably
> scheduled on a weekend. Friday - arrival, Saturday - work day and
> Sunday - departure.


> 4. We need to plan an itinerary where we can optimize the face-to-face
> meeting to discuss issues on Fedora Project and FAM issues on their
> respective countries.

Do you have any issues in mind that APAC members need to discuss?

> 5. This event will also be a FUDCon planning for 2014.

This is the only item on the agenda at the moment.

> We will just continue to coordinate with Tuan and the others so we can
> finalize things ASAP. I hope that we can make this possible in Manila
> this November. :)

Can you do the planning/discussion on the fudcon planning list, or
whatever list is supposed to be used so *all* interested parties can
know what's going on? Since it's a premier event, Robyn needs to be
aware of it, for example.

I've said this already: a list of TODOs needs to be established *before*
the FAD is planned, not the other way around.
Warm regards,
Ankur (FranciscoD)

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