I think there is only one lazy definition here: "Region". I think it will be more clear if we define that word, because on the top of my head it can means 4 slightly different things:

Region: "Ambassadors of a specific region, where regions are: APAC, LATAM, NA and EMEA".
Region: "Ambassadors of a specific country".
Region: "Contributors of a specific region, where regions are: APAC, LATAM, NA and EMEA".
Region: "Contributors of a specific country".

Maybe I'm overthinking this, but last time we haven't the terms clear, the discussion was long and a little annoying, and the term was pretty more concise (may against must/have/should or another stronger word).

Best regards,

2017-04-21 16:58 GMT-03:00 Robert Mayr <robyduck@fedoraproject.org>:
Dear all,

One of the main missions of the current FAmSCo is to retool the
ambassadors processes. The mentor’s nomination process is one of the
topics we discussed during these first weeks. We already agreed
unanimously on a new process, but for openness and transparency, we
would like to get some feedback, if there are some points which need
to be improved or clarified.

Currently, the mentor nominating process says that only FAmSCo members
or other mentors can nominate a new mentor and that FAmSCo will vote
for approval. There is no rule for removing mentors.

While this worked fine for many years, it seems the process is now
stuck. FAmSCo wants to make this process more dynamic and one where
people can more easily become an ambassador-mentor, but not for life.
Mentoring is a rather hard job and sometimes very time-consuming.
After some years of doing this job you grow personally and it is very
rewarding, but there is also a high chance you could burn out.  By
adding a removal process we are making it easier for people to step
back and realize they don’t have to do this forever.  We are also
creating a structure to have this conversation in.

== Nomination Process ==

1) Who can nominate a new mentor?

* A mentor or a FAmSCo member
* A Region*

*NOTE: Regions need at least 5 +1s to nominate new mentors.

2) Where do they file a ticket?

Instead of filing the request about a new mentor in the FAmSCo pagure,
we want people to file these tickets in the FAmA pagure, because we
prefer if mentors vote about other mentors.

The new process will look like this:

a) After nomination by a FAmSCo member, a mentor or a Region, the
process starts with a ticket in the FAmA pagure, where mentors will be
asked to give their +1/0/-1 to the nomination. As per lazy consensus,
all votes with 0 or -1 have to be explained with a reason. Once the
nominee gets at least 3 +1s, his nomination counts as

b) At this point, the person who nominated the new mentor, should file
a ticket in the FAmSCo pagure, adding the FAmA in CC for any

c) Final approval is still done by FAmSCo, but there will be no extra
voting session. Instead, in the ticket, FAmSCo will ask if anyone has
any concerns about the new (and already approved) mentor. If nobody
has concerns the new mentor gets appointed and FAmA will make all
administrative actions required to give the new mentor the correct

d) If FAmSCo has a concern, FAmSCo will discuss the reason and do a
final vote. A valid quorum (50% +1) is needed to make this decision,
even on pagure.

== Availability ==

FAmA will check every mentor’s availability and/or activity once a
year and update the wiki page accordingly. This can be done with a
simple survey, where mentors can just flag their actual state. Mentors
can also respond by telling FAmA they are not available.

== Removal Process ==

Similarly to nomination, FAmSCo is introducing a removal process,
which we want as dynamic as the nomination process.

* Asking for the removal of a mentor can be done by a mentor, a FAmSCo
member or by the region.  The region must have at least 5 +1s.

* Tickets have to be opened in the FAmSCo pagure and very clear
reasons for the removal need to be provided!!!

* Mentors are asked to provide feedback.  Local regional specific
feedback is critical and feedback from a local mentor will help FAmSCo
make a decision.

* FAmSCo votes on the proposal after at least 2 weeks, to give mentors
time to provide feedback. If approved, FAmSCo asks FAmA to take action
to process the removal.

Also, a mentor can be removed by:

* Asking to step down, by filing a ticket in the FAmA pagure (this is
just to track his decision, FAmA can take immediate action)

* Being set as not available for more than 12 months. At this point
the mentor will automatically be removed by FAmA

Kind regards.

Robert Mayr
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