Hey! Nice Idea. I'm Uzbekistan Linux Community Coordinator. We gonna have a Mandriva Install Fest in Tashkent soon, so It could be a Great Linux Release Party feat. Fedora 8 and Mandriva 2008 releases presentation. We've already got a place  to celebrate and little piece of sponsorship. And we're estimating about 100 guests on the party. So is it possible to get some hand out such as a few t-shirts or caps and a couple distro DVD's to copy it on the party and maybe some poster with Fedora logo?


Kirill "REDbyte" Novikov

2007/11/9, Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy@nobugconsulting.ro>:
Hello !

    A fellow Fedorian had the idea of a small release party. So we did
it and the result is online at http://wdl.lug.ro/F8.
    Note that most of the people in the pictures are members of the
Romanian Linux User Group, but not necessarily Fedora users. But Linux
unites us all, right ?


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