2008/6/19 ankur sinha <sanjay_ankur@yahoo.co.in>:

i agree.. it will be easier  to extend to us college folk.. although atleast introduction to school levels should be done.. itll help people  in starting earlier and theyll atleast be aware of  the existence of Open source.. Most students here are not even aware of such software until they actually enter college.. i am an example..

With respect to wine ... You cant really expect a sudden shift from an entire life of windows to Fedora instantaneously..it can be highly frustatingj just setting up a fedora system with everything functional.. Also being able to run games etc will be an incentive.. A lot of people refrain from using Linux because they use software that "cannot" be run on it.. Using wine will show them that we can run windows software and more than that... They will start with it and with passing time find Linux open source software that is as good if not better than what theyve been using all their lives...


I agree with you that introducing Open Source to school level is really important but targeting school level will not give much result as here a lot of work is required to be done but college level is realtively easy as the students themselves are hunting for these type of options

and on wine i am really against wine the whole point of using Fedora is its open source nature if you will tell people right from the start that there is something called as wine they will never try to use any open source alternative and will continue to use wine only and i dont expect a sudden shift from an entire life of windows to Fedora as everyone knows and recomends that any one planning to shift should first keep a dual boot system and then slowly move completely to Distro of your choice

i am seriously looking forward for this


Ankur Shrivastava