Dear all,
Today again, I have met someone who are working for one of Fedora Projects. 
We talked about what he does on his project and if knew other people woking on Fedora.
I said yes of course and even in our area.
He was really surprized when I told him that other nice guys were also woking on Fedora close to him.    
Then he complain me also that no Physical Fedora Structure exists till now in my area.
Ok I have to admit. However it is going to change.
Unfortunatly, they are a lot of contributors who are doing something in their corner and nobody is knowing that this one or that one is also working on Fedora on different project close to us.
It will be more funny if we could create local community in order to share experience, knowledge, etc...    
So I think in addition of our ambassador role we should be the point of contact for these guys in our country.
I have started to do a kind of list but I would have need to have specific wiki page for this goal in order readable by everybody.
You see what I mean.
Something like "Ambassador by country" for all people working on Fedora and not exclusivly for Ambassador.
Even if the wiki page "Ambassador by country" have his importance.
Like, this for each country you will have a maintenor which help Fedora guys to know each others, permit to do the link with Red Hat, be the point of contact for a specific area. 
Tell me what you are thinking about that. And why not ? If you know somthing similar?
Have a nice evening.
Best Regards
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