Exactly! Thats awesome. I think all of stuffs on that page what we need.
I'll try to make a brochure for gamers, and we need one more "What is Fedora ?"
Could I translate the text to Hungarian ?


2013-05-28 18:28 keltezéssel, María Leandro írta:

2013/5/28 Rákosi Gergely <rakosi.gergely@gmail.com>

On events most of the interesters (not tech. guys/girls) are asking the follows:
- what is Fedora
- what is it good for
- can i play games on that system
- can i edit videos/ music
- where can i get more info
- is there a book about Fedora

So, i think we need to think some topic seperated short description papers (flyers maybe), like for photographers,for movie editors, for gamers,etc
And of course we need mugs,hats,etc to the winners of Fedora quiz (we have 4 pages quiz in Hungarian). Who want to sign up the Hungarian Fedora Communiity newsletter, they give the email address on the quiz last page.


there are some specific flyers already available, specially for artist; you refer to something like this?


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