The basic idea behind putting Fedora on the Second Life map,
is to put us on a high-profile, web 2.0 phenomena. 

Second life represent an emerging trend of virtual life. the technology, and the high quality of software development
has eventually matured to a viable a sustaining mechanism. in the near future we will see Second life stock market.
we will see major companies rushing in to the virtual world. some for the purpose of getting into new crowds, some to make real direct money out of it. we will see philanthropic movement, new political ideas, elections, and so on.
the whole thing will be virtual in nature but very real to person be able to live their virtual life's. don't be surprise when currency exchange for US$-Linden$  will appears at your favorite finance forum or bank.

I've played with second life a bit and heard of real financial success out of it. people actually make money from sending the well earned Linden dollars into their real one.

then it came to me, why not put a stand, a kiosk, a place to hangout to meet people, to reach out, to be able even to support globally in Fedora? it will make real Headlines. for every company that joins in, there are still headline. very soon there would be none because it would be normal. as you all know if u have a good idea, better be the first to conquer as much crowd as possible and market share. the same thing applies for us being in second life. we are putting a lot of effort to bring Fedora to as much crowd as possible. since second life is a new frontier, that what  brought me to offer second life presence.

my current laptop can't support running second life (IBM x31). i played it at work (AMD Athlon 3500+, 64bit, ATI x300), but it's jerky and flash's (i thing because of compiz).

the basic proposition is for someone that have the spare time, and willing to put some kind of an establishment (an island) at second life. a wiki (good idea) at will give info, the place will have information about Fedora a combination of the Major site, announce list, DVD selling (people will pay linden dollars and will get Fedora DVD delivered to their door), a chat place, a bugzilla stand for fresh bugs (or known issues), GPG keys replacements, and as many as one be creative enough to be.

of course,  this guy will be an official ambassador for second life sphere.

i don't have the hardware for this, so this call is for anyone who can do this and have the hardware juice for it.

Happy to be at your service,