I think we (the fedora community and ambassadors) cant make rpmfusion disks. From what I know this would violate our general guidelines on free software and as we cant provide it with our downloads we could not provide it with our media. The idea itself sounds great, it would be cool to drag more attention to the fedora project by vendors selling our DVDs.

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2010/8/21 Robert J Beatty <liberty@policeone.com>
I like the idea of Fedora in stores, and it wouldnt be too hard in terms of demand. However i must agree with Joerg on dummy tools and such for as it stands now there is still to much tweaking to be done to make it completely dummy proof.

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this is great idea.
not only the original fedora discs can be sold, but also, the respins & the update packages.
we can also provide separate discs for the rpmfusion repos.

Mahmoud Abdul Jawad

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