Hi All,

I'm Rodrigo Menezes, today I'm working as an IT Infrastructure Guy in a big American Company in Curitiba - Paraná - South Brazil.

Today I take care of our network, server, video and audio systems, portal, UPS, conditional air and microwaves... little joke.

I started my passion for Red Hat and Fedora 5 years ago when I replace 5 servers from my old company for Red Hat and Fedora OS.

I'm graduated in Computer Science and Telecomunications.

You can find a better profile here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/RodrigoMenezes . Fell free to contact me.

Today I'm working with these foruns:


And some others mailing lists (too many).

But I used to be an administrator of other sites.


Rodrigo Menezes

Alex Maier <lxmaier@gmail.com> escreveu:
Dear All!

As our numbers are growing, it would be a good idea for all of us to
introduce ourselves to the rest of the group.

This is necessary for two reasons:

1) To help us know each other better
2) To help the interested people in your region get in touch with you easier

As all of us have our wiki accounts, I would like to ask each of you
to post your self-introduction to your personal wiki page, kind of
like I did:


Please post a message to this list with the link to your personal page
once you are ready. If you have an extensive profile on your wiki page
already, please post to the list nevertheless, so the new people have
a chance to learn from you.

Let's aim to have all personal introductions done in 30 days or less.

Thank you very much,
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