Hi ambassadors,

while reading the meeting log and some more stuff (like FAmSCo ticket on vacant seat) I got more and more upset. The issue with the last election is a serious one, but some people here "discuss" on preschool level… I don't call any names here but encourage everyone to read the logs and build an own opinion. Please don't forget the four Fedora foundations, one of them is "Friends"! Fedora is a friendly and transparent community, not a kindergarten… It makes me angry, that is such an important topic.

On the vacant seat topic I have some thoughts (I'm still not sure what the proposed solution is, finally, so maybe my thoughts are not up to date. Please correct me if I'm wrong):
* fredlima should not have been a candidate for formal reasons. But it happened and we cannot change this. Note that this is a *purely* formal argument, I don't know fredlima and he might be a very good FAmSCo member as many community members voted for him. So this is *really* nothing personal here.

* I see that other candidate(s) are upset because they might have been in FAmSCo when the election would have been correct. gnokii might be the first candidate as he got the most votes of the people who didn't get into new FAmSCo, but it is hard to say how the distribution of votes would have been without fredlima. So I consider all remaining candidates.

* On the other hand people who voted for fredlima might be upset too… I don't know why he was not an ambassador right now and how long he is an "informal ambassador" now. But people voted for him and this must have a reason, so completely ignoring would be a bad idea too…

* So *IMHO* we need some kind of voting with all candidates for the remaining seat. This includes fredlima, as he is an ambassador now and the many votes for him are another reason to give him the opportunity to be a candidate. But other candidates should get the chance too, as one of them would be in FAmSCo now.

* I dived a bit into the election rules. Is it right that we have no clear rule for such cases (well, a case that should not happen, needs no rule for handling, true…)? The vacant seat stuff seems to be viable for me.

* The most important point: Find a transparent and clean solution without any tweaks (like just mentoring fredlima without any further voting, as someone proposed), this is very important for trust!

* Can someone from FAmSCo inform us about the current proposed solution? I have some vague idea, but as there are many discussions, I don't want to write anything wrong or outdated info here.

* And… Please inform us ambassadors about the topic and all progress! I got the information trough some IRC discussion… From this discussions I know that also some other ambassadors (who are not candidates, so they are "unaffected") are unhappy with that topic.

That's everything for now. And again: Be friends and a friendly community ;)

For fredlima: As you are an ambassador now, it would be nice if you introduce yourself here :)


On 02/15/2017 10:13 PM, Robert Mayr wrote:
All FAmSCo members attended the meeting today, please read the minutes if you like to know more:

Robert Mayr

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