Dear *,


To summarize :

First of all, if I was you I will not to be worried after the bar location. A lot of bar exists in Brussels.


Why do we not meet each other at the roy d'Espagne FIRST from 17:00 to 21:00?

Like this we have got a central starting meeting point and no one can make mistake to the place where he have to go to begin our events.

I think it a good place to start, do I ?


Then, we can have a meeting with CENTOS people and Suse people in another place later in the night and somewhere else.


Anyway, they will be there as well.


After that, we could decide to another meeting for Saturday.


Tell me what you think about that and if it is ok.

We will have to publish it on the mailing list as well as the wiki Fosdem Fedora web page.


PS: You know it is the first time that a lot Fedora people come to Fosdem so everything can not be perfect.

I am pretty sure that we will do better organization next year.


In addition, I suggest to communicate via mailing list and not directly. Like this we do not forget someone.


Fedora-ambassadors-list mailing list
Olpc mailing list