Dear Pawel,

Yes, I would like to. :)
Cause a lot of guys which are woking on Open Source Project complain it does not exist physical structure till now.
But in order to do that I need to have a physical support - I think a wiki web page could be a good start point - and the agreement of the community.

In addition I would like to have feed back from Ambassadors.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Kind Regards

On 6/22/06, Pawel Sadowski <> wrote:
On 21-06-2006, wed at 17:29 +0200, Frederic Hornain wrote:
> Dear all,
> Today again, I have met someone who are working for one of Fedora
> Projects.
> We talked about what he does on his project and if knew other people
> woking on Fedora.
> I said yes of course and even in our area.
> He was really surprized when I told him that other nice guys were also
> woking on Fedora close to him.
> Then he complain me also that no Physical Fedora Structure exists till
> now in my area.
> Ok I have to admit. However it is going to change.
> Unfortunatly, they are a lot of contributors who are doing something
> in their corner and nobody is knowing that this one or that one is
> also working on Fedora on different project close to us.
> It will be more funny if we could create local community in order to
> share experience, knowledge, etc...
> So I think in addition of our ambassador role we should be the point
> of contact for these guys in our country.
> I have started to do a kind of list but I would have need to have
> specific wiki page for this goal in order readable by everybody.
> You see what I mean.
> Something like "Ambassador by country" for all people working on
> Fedora and not exclusivly for Ambassador.
> Even if the wiki page "Ambassador by country" have his importance.
> Like, this for each country you will have a maintenor which help
> Fedora guys to know each others, permit to do the link with Red Hat,
> be the point of contact for a specific area.
> Tell me what you are thinking about that. And why not ? If you know
> somthing similar?
> Have a nice evening.
> Best Regards
> Fred

Yeah, I think you have a good thinking ;) I have figured out one idea -
maybe we could create something called Fedora Users Groups (FUGs), the
name of a group like that would be for example New York Fedora Users
Group (NYFUG). What do you think of that?

Pawel Sadowski

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