Ok, I am working on the pages, and am getting a presentation together. Unfortunately I don't believe I can attend the meeting tomorrow as I am leaving for a skiing trip friday morning and need to pack Thursday.

On 2/14/07, Chitlesh GOORAH <chitlesh@fedoraproject.org > wrote:
On 2/14/07, Anand Capur wrote:
> ok, i'll do that. Thanks!


Perhaps you can start a wiki page (wiki/Marketing/SecondLife):
* explaining what will be your tasks
* what is exactly that SecondLife world
* what are the difficulties
* the progress being made
* ......

Perhaps,in tomorrow's meeting you can brief us a bit.

* We lost AlexMaier, then one famsco member down
* it has been discussed during Fedora Ambassadors' day,
* we care about quality,
* money is on the table
I recommend that you should be assigned to a mentor(perhaps moshe can
do it, since she started this thread and well informed on this topic
than any of us so far)
What do you think Moshe ?


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