I would like to thank everyone for the reception. With little time and a few email exchanges I felt very comfortable in participating in the Fedora Project. Thank you all for accepting me into the family and let Fedora. Joerg still do not know you personally but his fame and devotion by the Fedora Project, thank you.

2012/2/28 susmit shannigrahi <thinklinux.ssh@gmail.com>
> Thinking back over all the years we have received these messages
> introducing new ambassadors to us I just want to take a minute to say
> thank you to Joerg for all his work to improve FAmA form and function.
> Many of these little details, like email announcing our new members,
> are easy and too often taken for granted without thinking about the
> time someone else spends doing this for us.
> I feel like making a toast to Joerg now ... let's see, I'm not good at
> this but ...
> Here's to an extraordinary Fedora Ambassador and friend to us all! Drink up!

Unfortunately, Joerg does not drink. :D
But otherwise, I could not agree more.



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