I'm new here too, so let me introduce myself:
I'm a 19 years old software developer based Ostrava, Czech Republic.

I'm also a member of OSS Alliance organisation (www.oss.cz) - OSS provides
open-source support mainly for the Czech government. It's goal is to replace proprietary document formats
such as MS Word with OpenDocument Format which has been approved as an ISO norm recently. Replacing few
proprietary desktop apps with opensource ones is the first step to Linux.

There is also a Czech Wiki page about Fedora Core project: http://www.fedora.cz/

Besides that, I'm also project manager and lead developer of opensource PHP5.1 WEB 2.0 framework http://sourceforge.net/projects/elitecore

I have many ideas about Fedora and how to improve desktop, should I post it here too or somewhere to dev-mailing list?
I use GNOME, but users probably likes KDE more, because it's easier to use. You can change everything in the Control Center and there's more eye-candy effects than in GNOME, you can also customize toolbars more in KDE.
Fedora 5 has the biggest number of bugs, I've seen in Fedora. After the first boot, I had to disable HWCursor in xorg.conf, disable ACPI to not have any IRQ conflicts on NVIDIA based board (n-force chipset with net,sound and video) - It wasn't hard, but it took a week or so and I think that ordinary users doesn't even know what 'console' or 'terminal' means.

Luke Satin