Apart from the fedora community, Im also a part of LUGManipal ( www.lugmanipal.org ). We met a few days back and my proposal for an "Open Week" was accepted.. Here is the wiki page that Ive put up for a start.


Fedora 10 Cambridge has been selected as the distro to be installed at the install fest. :) :) :) 

Ill be putting the event on the " Events page " shortly.. 

We are a pretty young body and this is our first "major" event. Please have a look at the wiki page and leave your comments.. Even criticism is welcome..

You can also comment on our forum or just reply here and i could convey your views to the others.. ( http://forums.lugmanipal.org )

Its a long way off right now but we are going to begin preparations so that it goes smooth and glitch free.. We are also looking for someone to kick it off for us (someone other than us students to talk on the Intro day). If anyone has the time please let us know..

Please feel free to direct any queries..