On 1/16/10, susmit shannigrahi <thinklinux.ssh@gmail.com> wrote:
2010/1/15 mak <mahayalamkhan@gmail.com>:

> Dear All,
> Hope you are doing fine.
> I'm one of the Fedora Ambassador from Bangladesh and is involved with a
> volunteer group named Ankur[0]; my colleague (Jamil Ahmed) is the l10n
> maintainer[1] for Bengali(bn_BD). My organization is involved with l10n
> project and Spreading FOSS in Bangladesh for last several years.
> You will be glad to know that we are attending annual Software Exhibition
> 2010 [2] arranged by Bangladesh Association of Software and Information
> Services (BASIS) [3]. It will be held between February 10-14, 2010. More
> than 200 exhibitors and over 300,000 visitors and delegates are expected to
> participate and attend this 5 day long exposition.
> We will demonstrate and distribute Bengali localized Linux Distributions and
> FOSS - which includes Fedora12. We are developing Bangla user manuals with
> localized screenshots - which will be distributed in this event too. We are
> planning to distribute a large number of DVD, Stickers, Flyer throughout the
> 5 day exhibition - as far as we can afford.
> It will be a great help if we have your support. I've updated my event in
> FY10 Q4 [4]. Please let us know the possibility.

We shall be interested to know which type of support are you talking about?
I don't think that would be a problem.

Hello Susmit,
We need DVD, T-Shirts, Stickers, Flyer, Banner and Festoon for the 5 day Expo. It's easy to prepare things localy instead receiving from overseas. As Joerg asked I shall open a ticket shortly for this once I am finished with the cost calculating.

Mahay Alam Khan
gpg key: 4FDD30FB