I am novice in Fedora Ambassadors, and glad to become a member of
Fedora Ambassadors Group.
Just recently subscribed to the Ambassadors mailing list.

I'm a student of EEE ( Electrical & Electronic Engineering) in The University of Asia Pacific, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Personal info:

Name: Sabrul Jamil
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh.
IRC (Freenode) Nick: ador
Google ID: ador.sj
E-mail: ador@fedoraproject.org

Started in:Fedora Ambassador in Bangladesh.

My plans:

I wish to become active in Ambassadors, because of that i join to the
Ambassadors Group with large plans for Fedora Project in Bangladesh.
 In Bangladesh there is a very few number of Fedora users , my plan is to
enlarge Fedora community in Bangladesh soon.
Therefore i wish to recruit additional users and trainee to enlarge community.For the time being,  i will be present at Fedora Events in Bangladesh.
Maybe i will organize some Event in my city.

Glad to become a part of Fedora project and community.
Best regards,

Sabrul Jamil