2008/11/4 JoergSimon <jsimon@fedoraproject.org>
Dear EMEA Ambassadors,

Because there are many Ambassadors who want polo shirts, but who cannot
attend the events where we distribute them, we have decided to appoint
individual country leaders as the distribution points for the shirts.

The Fedora French community is a good example -- it is easiest to ship
all the polo shirts for the French community to one Ambassador in
France, and let him distribute them at local events.  This saves a lot
of money on cross-border shipping costs also.

For this to work, it is necessary that you organize yourself a bit
inside your country, to declare one Ambassador of each country as
responsible.  This Ambassador is in charge for collecting the money and
shipping the Poloshirts inside his country and for providing the money
and a shipping address to us. The Money Transfer will processed over the
Fedora EMEA e.V. The WikiPage is prepared - what do you all think?

Joerg (kital) Simon
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We've already done something like this for Poland over a year ago and it worked well except the fact I still haven't received part of my money frome some people I used to trust. Happily it wasn't that big amount so I was able to cover it by myself. And well, I find it as a good idea to create such a "general pattern" for distributing the poloshirts inside particular countries. But AFAIR there was a discussion on creating something like "local leaders" for every country some time ago... and my guess it'd be quite strongly connected with such a "local leader" role, couldn't it?