As I see, more of the concerns can be summarized this way:

- Budget request from non-Ambassadors
- Swag distribution process
- Documentation to support the proposed changes
- Converting the document into proceses
- Avoiding abuses both Advocates and RPs organizers

The positive comments, looks to me, like going this way:

- Lowering the burden to new people that want to contribute
- Low friction process to RPs
- Ambassadors Emeritus

From my POV I think the next step should be to work on the steps that are being positive, and pass to construct a document about the way to work on concerns.

I'm really happy to see many people reacting to this, and I hope we can continue having this discussion. Please share this thread as many times as you can, in your respectives meetings: APAC, EMEA, LATAM and NA. We are her to work together and improve, as ambassadors and as project.

Last but not least, I see a comment about how an ambassador grows and that a mentor is not a "merit badge". Well I'm partially agree with this, For the ambassador growth, we need to be conscious about something: We are contributors, most of the ambassadors don't make a living being ambassador, we need commitment and need trust, and as we see, the Council and the Mindshare Committee have the will to trust in us. There is no measurements to see how an ambassador have grown from the start, that is a measure that each one needs to have, because it answer to personal goals. And for the mentors, this is so true, being a mentor is not a merit badge, is a huge commitment about something in what you truly believe: The Fedora Project.

Thanks for your comment.

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