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Hey all,

A few of the local Fedora ambassadors and event organizers for FWD Pune event met this morning for a quick discussion on the proposed event and here we have the meeting notes for everyone:

[1] Apologies that this part wasn't well explained previously but the list of talks that you see on the pirate pad, mainly under the 'Getting Started with your Fedora contribution' section are going to be flash talks for 5 mins each. Since we couldn't find existing female contributors in all of these different contribution pathways, to share their experience with us; a group of volunteers decided to try finding out details about these different contribution pathways, how to get started, the related IRC channels and mailing lists for each and finally give a 5 min presentation about their findings. This can save the rest of the audience's effort to do a complete research on the different contribution pathways (which is often the first barrier in contribution) and they should have most of the data at hand to now go back and start contributing. The FWD event was also thought of as a first step to initiating a consistent women contributor community, where each month we could take up one of these contribution pathways and make it as the flavor of the month...doing some actual hands-on contribution together for that chosen project or pathway. This can probably even be clubbed with the monthly Fedora meetups that we have in Pune. That ofcourse can be discussed in more details with the local ambassadors.

[2] The new speakers can try and do some actual contributions before the FWD event so that they can also share their experience (and blockers) at the event. They could also join the upcoming Fedora monthly meetup and release party, planned on 9th July, at Pune.

[3] The organizers are suggested to try reach out to college students (not just via emails or messages, but by physically going down to colleges) since this event can be a good place for new contributors to know how to get started with their contribution as well as meet other existing and experienced community members.

[4] The organizers are also suggested to do more social media posts about the event, so as to create more awareness around this event.

[5] The new contributors and speakers can also join the Fedora telegram group, since not all of us are big IRC fans.

[6] The speaker and attendee list to be moved to Wiki from the etherpad.
Thanks, updated https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FWD_Pune .


I hope I have covered all the points that was discussed in today's meeting. If not, today's meeting attendees, please add those points to the thread here.

If anyone has any further questions on any of the above points or any suggestions for the event in general, please do feel free to shoot a response to this thread.

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