Sounds good!

+1 for the idea


2015-10-25 07:07 keltezéssel, Gerold írta:

I see at the reaction that it´s not absolutly clear (which is correct) what I like or what my intention behind are.
First, it is NOT MANDATORY to register to get one ....
BUT it is requested :-)
If you register yourself (if you like) you´ll get maybe a unique "Fedora registered user-ID" where it´s up to you what you do with that; you can do such maybe just on events with getting in touch with Fedora Staff, or u just like to show that on your webpage (with a banner, which makes me pointing finger to the creative unit with mo) or, or, or ...
I am absolutly proud to be a "linux user, register myself at linux counter, but I would be more proud, if I had a registered "Fedora user number" which musn´t harm any personal rights ...
In genereal this is also a marketing campeign which must be worked on, very detailed. As well as touching a lot of units inside our community to get such a thing done ...

Just my five cents and thoughts, so far

All the best

Am 24.10.2015 um 23:09 schrieb Gabriele Trombini:
Il giorno sab, 24/10/2015 alle 22.01 +0200, Gerold ha scritto:
Hi all,

maybe some of you know Linux Counter [1], ans since a long time I had
the idea to put something like that for our "users"; that said, it
would be really awesome if we could get a online registration maybe
and then a shirt with ...
"Fedora registered user".
For sure for the registration there must be a online portal and the
details you need to give the Fedora Project could be various like
- (chat-) name
- I want to have a Newsletter
- e-mail address
- or whatever
but this could also be an idea to get closer to our users, not

Do you get my point?
Hello Gerold,
it's nice talking with you again;

there are a couple of limits to your suggestion:

1) Is it reasonable logging in a online form for getting a t-shirt? (we
have the FAS as well, it's not for contributors but for everyone);

2) if your proposal is successful, how many t-shirts do we have to
produce? Too much IMHO.

See you soon mate.

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