Hello Everyone,

Magie, thank you for your update.  ;)

I appreciate your information. :)

I strongly believe that the PH team is very capable and I look forward to updated FAD APAC information.  :)

If you need a future Saturday IRC time for addressing FAD APAC to APAC, then I will assist accordingly.  :)

Sending positive Fedora energy from my computers to all your computers.  :)

Thank You
- David -

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Hi David,

The local Fedora ambassadors in the Philippines have already started sharing ideas and proposals for the upcoming FAD APAC 2013. 

Based on what I've gathered, these are the premises to be considered:

1. This will be the first FAD in APAC wherein FAMs will be arriving from different countries. 

2. Approximately, we need to budget board and lodging as well as travel expense for around 20 participants. 

3. We need to allot 3 days for this event which is preferably scheduled on a weekend. Friday - arrival, Saturday - work day and Sunday - departure. 

4. We need to plan an itinerary where we can optimize the face-to-face meeting to discuss issues on Fedora Project and FAM issues on their respective countries. 

5. This event will also be a FUDCon planning for 2014. 

We will just continue to coordinate with Tuan and the others so we can finalize things ASAP. I hope that we can make this possible in Manila this November. :)

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On Sep 9, 2013, at 8:30 AM, David Ramsey <diamond_ramsey@hotmail.com> wrote:

Hello Everyone,

Greetings. :)

Some very good discussion for this FAD.  :)
I strongly believe that may be during the September 21st, we could do an IRC in order to address thoughts, too.  ;)

* What do you all think?  :)
Also, in order to attend this FAD with my kernel as well as system knowledge, I need to effectively plan out my schedule.  ;)

* When is this FAD APAC 2013 to occur?
> Btw, anyone who are interested in attending this FAD for Ambassadors Annual Work Plan for FY2014, please say out your ideas.

I want to see a Blue Fedora Cake!  I'm getting hungry thinking about it!  ;)

I remember seeing Heherson's and Kaio's Australia FAD!  Awesome was the word and memory for me, too.   ;)
From my "limited" cooking experiences, I would love to see and enjoy some wonderful Filipino foods that will be scrumptiously delicious, indeed.  :p

Food for thought.  :)
Sending positive Fedora energy from my computers to all your computers!!!  :D

Please have a Great Fedora day and evening! :~)

Thank You
- David -
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