Hi all:

Is not a secret that our world passes for a critical time: excessive pollution, the indiscriminate felling of trees, the irrational use of natural resources, global warming and many other things that have made me wonder what can we do?

Lot of people including informatics and people relationed with technology thinks is this a location outside and cant do anything. But it is always possible make a grand of sand... everybody can save the world.

Regarding Fedora:

With this in mind, Fedora could be promoted not only as a operating system friendly to the planet, this reinforces the sense of community, Fedora user is not only a computer user is a good citizen.

Now, discussing this inside Latam Community, we have agreed create the Fedora Zero Carbon Proyect (Fedora Cero Carbono in spanish). The objetive starting from this simple ideas (and a lot of what we have had) is a campain promoving Fedora looking to the racional use of resorces and good job practices.

The Fedora Zero Carbon Proyect was originally created and promoved by Rodrigo Padula of Fedora Brazil to reduce the CO2 contamination (congratulations!) and now Latam Community with all this ideas are in the same way... our world.

So, what do think? Fedora takes care about the planet? 

(under construction)

Diego Escobar
Fedora Ambassador for Colombia
Fedora Release 9 (Sulphur): Linux Kernel 2.6.27 + Gnome 2.22