Hello Great Ambassadors,

It is great to write to you all after the APAC meeting.

Publicity is one of the key requirement that any project or activity seeks, therefore Fedora project also depend on that.

In order to increase the awareness of Fedora activities we, APAC ambassadors came up with a proposal to publish a 
magazine covering all the necessary and interesting info happened during a release.

This will include release party details, FAD, event details and many that are related with APAC region. Hope you are familiar with LATMA
magazine, this as same as their magazine. We expect the magazine will make more publicity on our activities. And later this would be an 
archive for events and happenings during a major release period.

Please follow the link and express your suggestions.

we welcome all the ideas and feedbacks plus your contribution.
We are looking for a name also so please suggest one.

Designers, editors and many more.


Buddhike Chandradeepa Kurera (bckurera)
Fedora Ambassador - Sri Lanka