an expert from an e-mail I just got in my mailbox :-)

everyone who is interested in giving a talk during the fosdem 2012 distribution conf should register on the mailing list.



If you're receiving this, that means you've been actively participating
in the distributions devroom at FOSDEM 2011 for your project. Since the
organization for FOSDEM 2012 has now started, and since we're going to
be doing another cross-distributions devroom again this edition, I'd
like to invite you to participate again. If you don't have the time to
work on this, please be so kind as to forward this mail to people in
your project whom you think would be interested.

The cross-distributions devroom will this year happen again, and the
mailinglist this year is going to be ''.
Yes, that means we won't need to ask you to subscribe to a different
mailinglist again next year. A formal call for talks will follow later
this week, but feel free to do a call for talks in your project already.
The rules will be similar to the ones from last year: people who want to
do a talk in the cross-distributions devroom should send a proposal with
a (short) abstract, title, their name, and a bio to the list, and this
no later than the 22nd of December.


The volume of a pizza of thickness a and radius z can be described by
the following formula:

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Bert Desmet